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George Tillman Jr.
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     Scene Study
             "I AM"
     SUNDAYS only!!!
Sundays (ADULTS)
Los Angeles, Ca. 
(By Appointment ONLY)

"I AM" Marcia Tillman ActorStudio:  THE EXPERIENCE

We teach actors to believe, “you are who you BELIEVE you are".  Trust your work, and Live in your Moment.  Our actors at "I AM" Marcia Tillman ActorStudio feel that this is a place to call home.  It's a place where actors stop thinking, and start reacting.   Actors get rid of “class-itis” – trying to impress rather than express. Actors will learn how to make strong, fast choices and learn how to roll with last minute script changes, which are so common on commercials, television and film sets.  Though we specialize in auditioning,  we teach so much more than just, 'how to get the part'.  "I AM" Marcia Tillman ActorStudio is more than just an acting class, but a production company as well.  We are in the motion picture business delivering such films as, Soul Food, Men of Honor, Notorious, The Longest Ride etc... including TV shows. We are sharing our knowledge and experience with actors, giving them the REAL LIFE approach to acting. We want everyone BOOKING.  Make it YOUR EXPERIENCE.

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​SUNDAY (Adults)

1:00pm - 4:45pm


PRICE: $300 per month


PRICE: $75.00 per class






Los Angeles, CA.

(By Appointment Only)

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