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Our Passion:

"I AM" Marcia Tillman ActorStudio, inc.


“Our passion at "I AM" Marcia Tillman ActorStudio is to build confidence and life skills in our actors.  Boosting self-esteem and self-knowledge as you learn to confidently express yourself 'in the moment'.  Our environment and our coaches will inspire your creativity while nurturing your soul.  Our desire is for you to be the best YOU that YOU can be.


What YOU can expect:

At "I AM" MTAS your class will begin with a warm-up exercise  to prepare you to explore, learn, and perform at your best.  Then Scripts!  "I AM" MTAS will provide professional current scripts/sides from films, TV shows, plays, and commercials, so that you become comfortable & confident with real industry material.  We are a balance of change & consistency.  Whether you're cold-reading a script/sides or exploring the nuances of a memorized scene or monologue, every class provides you with a unique experience that reflects a professional situation on a real live set. 



​SUNDAY (Adults)

1:00pm - 4:45pm


PRICE: $300 per month


PRICE: $75.00 per class






Los Angeles, CA.

(By Appointment Only)

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